Host Service Versus ISP

Building a website has many steps and one of the first things your site will need is a space online where the site will reside. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. An ISP provides Internet access for people through dial-up, broadband and/or DSL. People purchase this service so that their computer can access the Internet. Most ISPs do have space for users to host a page or a small website, frequently it is included in your monthly fee. One of the cons for putting your website on an ISP is you most likely will not have your own domain name such as These free website spaces are normally for individuals and not intended for businesses. So for a small personal site an ISP is just fine.

When setting up a larger website or business related site that has many pages you will need to sign up with a Host. There are many reasonable hosts as well as free hosts available on the Internet. Search for hosting services and then compare features and price.

Typically the hosting service provides space, email accounts, domain name registration, scripts, tech support and many other useful features. One thing to pay attention to is the bandwidth transfer allowed each month. If your site gets a lot of traffic this can use a lot of bandwidth and if you go over your monthly amount, extra costs can mount up. Another newer feature is the ability to host more than one site on your hosting space. This is a good feature because websites don’t usually utilize all of the space they’re allotted. It seems that once you have a website there are always more in your future, so keep your possibilities open.