Just for fun!

:-) or : ) A smiling face is usually used to indicate a smile or amusement or that the comment is intended to be funny or ironic.

(-: Left handed smiley.

:-( or : ( A sad face is used to express disappointment or sorrow.

:-D or :D or =D This emoticon is used to show laughter or a wide grin.

:-P or :-)~ Want to stick your tongue out or convey a lighthearted message?

:-O or :O Use this emoticon to show surprise or shock.

‘-) or ;-) Use this emoticon to express a wink or to say that your comment is intended to be taken with a grain of salt.

:-s This one means that you don’t know what to say or that is really disgusting. :9 Something is yummy

>:0 or >:( Angry or yelling

0:-) A halo over the head means Angel or innocence.

};-) Eyebrows or horns. Being evil or mean, a devil

X8 Laughing hard while covering your mouth with your hands

:S or :s confused

BD or 8D laughing while wearing cool glasses, comedian

D: Dismay

:3 Kitten face, being cute

:] I’m kidding

:[ I’m serious

:*) I’m blushing

<@:0) Clown

8-B Nerd